Peter Zumthor: Thinking Architecture: past, existing and new

“Every new work of architecture intervenes in a specific historical [KAIROS] situation.  It is essential to the quality of the intervention that the new building [KAIROS] should embrace qualities that can enter into a meaningful dialogue with the existing [KAIROS] situation.  For the intervention is to find its place, it must make us see what already exists in a new light.  We throw a stone into the water.  Sand swirls up and settles again.  The stir was necessary.  The stone has found its place.  But the pond is no longer the same.  I believe those buildings only be accepted by their surroundings if they have the ability to appeal to our emotions and minds in various ways.  Since our feelings and understanding are rooted in the past, our sensuous connections with a building must respect the process of remembering.”

[ZUMTHOR Peter, Thinking Architecture, Birkhauser, 2006]


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