Claude Monet: Morning on the seine near Giverny

4x different weather [4x KAIROS]

“The series “Morning on the Seine” was begun in 1896 but not completed until 1897 because of inclement weather. First, Monet patiently scouted out particular views along the river; then he painted the pictures from a boat that he had converted into a floating studio. For an extended period, he arose before dawn and reached his boat before sunrise in order to paint the changing effects of light as the sun came up. He then lined up the canvases on easels in his studio to complete them together. Eighteen of the pictures were shown at the Galerie Georges Petit in 1898. One was dated 1896, the others 1897.” [from]

[reinterpretation of paintings Morning on the seine near Giverny, by Claude Monet, 1896-1897]


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