Neutelings Riedijk: At Work: sculpture & system

“[LEFT]: Sculpture: Buildings are sculptures … Each (sculpture) has its own character, they may be grumpy, happy, dull or serious. They may be short and slight or broad-shouldered. They have a torso, a back, a head or a tail. … It (a building’s character) can be sturdy as a firefighter instead of glitzy and transparant, as chaotic as an actor instead of clearly organized, as introverted as an academic instead of hospitable. …


[RIGHT]: System: …designing is searching for an algorithm able to generate a stereometric order. The quality of an ordering system lies in its self-regulating mechanism. It has to be an automatic machine that sets things down in the right place. Designing is ordering, and the algorithm must be capable of defining arrangement, hierarchy and sequence. It must steer the positions of key building elements such as cores, circulation and column structures. The system also oversees the relationships among spaces and rooms.”

[from Neutelings-Riedijk, At Work, 010, 2005]

Neutelings sculpture system


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