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Sibella Court: Bowerbird

Yx ‘egg’ : [4x KAIROS]

Cout eggs

[reinterpretation of photo by Chris Court]


Neutelings Riedijk: At Work: air & gravity

“Buildings need to be extricated from gravity. While the earth pulls everything towards it, the architect does his or her best to achieve the opposite. We feel that buildings should not make a show of the interplay of forces. They schould not arrogantly give the impression of being lighter than air, nor triumphanthly celebrate their victory over gravity with expressive columns. … we piece together sturdy buildings with smart though unadvertised constructions, gigantic cantilevers for example.”

[from Neutelings-Riedijk, At Work, 010, 2005]

air [UP]


gravity [DOWN]

Neutelings gravity air

Roger Sperry: left & right brain hemispheres

“Roger Sperry, a Nobel Prize winner, initiated the study of the relationship between the brain’s right and left hemispheres. Sperry found that the left [LEFT] half of the brain tends to function by processing information in an analytical, rational, logical, sequential way. The right [RIGHT] half of the brain tends to function by recognizing relationships, integrating and synthesizing information, and arriving at intuitive insights”

[quote by John Robert Dew, Are you a Right-Brain or Left-Brain Thinker?, in Quality Progress Magazine, april 1966]

Sperry brain left right

Claude Monet: Rouen Cathedral West Facade

4x 2xdifferent weather [4x KAIROS]

“The Rouen Cathedral paintings, more than thirty in all, were made in 1892 and 1893, then reworked in Monet’s studio in 1894. Monet rented spaces across the street from the cathedral, where he set up temporary studios for the purpose. In 1895, he selected what he considered to be the twenty best paintings from the series for display at his Paris dealer’s gallery, and of these he sold eight before the exhibition was over. Pissarro and Cézanne visited the exhibition and praised the series highly.” [from]


[reinterpretation of paintings by Claude Monet, 1896-1897]

Claude Monet: Morning on the seine near Giverny

4x different weather [4x KAIROS]

“The series “Morning on the Seine” was begun in 1896 but not completed until 1897 because of inclement weather. First, Monet patiently scouted out particular views along the river; then he painted the pictures from a boat that he had converted into a floating studio. For an extended period, he arose before dawn and reached his boat before sunrise in order to paint the changing effects of light as the sun came up. He then lined up the canvases on easels in his studio to complete them together. Eighteen of the pictures were shown at the Galerie Georges Petit in 1898. One was dated 1896, the others 1897.” [from]

[reinterpretation of paintings Morning on the seine near Giverny, by Claude Monet, 1896-1897]