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Ching: scan, hold, project & draw

We do not simply draw what we see.  We draw our perceptions of what we have seen.  In drawing what is before is, we scan contours, shapes, and surfaces.  In turning our gaze from this image to the drawing surface, we must hold that image in memory gefore making marks which represent that image.  As we continue to draw, we cycle through a process of scanning the subject, holding its image in the mind, and drawing.  The images we see in reality and the ones we create on paper are brought together, in the images we hold in the mind’s eye.

Scan with your body senses [DOWN] >< Hold that scan in your mind [UP]

Project the scan with your mind [UP] >< Draw your projection with your body hand [DOWN]

[Interpretation of sketches, as published in Ching, Francis D. K., Drawing, a creative process, New York, 1990]