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OMA: Seattle library:selfsimilarity

Similarity: a point, feature, or detail in which two items are alike

Self-similarity: the property of having a substructure analagous or identical to an overall structure [WHOLE: windowframes neighbouring skyscrapers are viewed diamondlike in perspective /IN BETWEEN: diamond curtain wall of library / PART: diamond grid]

[definition of similarity and self-similarity by thefreedictionary.com]

[Interpretation of photos of Seattle library by architect OMA, 2004]


Le Corbusier: Firminy: rhythm & melody

[LEFT]: Rhythm: voids in upper beam/solid colums >< [RIGHT]: Melody: colored voids/solid vertical window pillars

[Composition of videostills from video ‘Le Corbusier & Lannis Xenakis – Masion de la Culture’ on Youtube.com (dd. march 2012) published by geertpsv]