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Le Corbusier: Firminy: circle >< square

Circle: roof [UP:heaven] >< Square: floor [DOWN:earth]

[photographs, plan and section of church at Firminy by Le Corbusier]


Le Corbusier: Firminy: 24h

[KAIROS LEFTUP]: morning >< [KAIROS RIGHTUP]: night >< [KAIROS RIGHTDOWN]: evening >< [KAIROS LEFTDOWN]: noon?

[photographs of windows in church at Firminy, by Le Corbusier]

Le Corbusier: Firminy: soleil levant, couchant

“Un soleil se lève [UP:sky], un soleil se couche [DOWN:earth], un soleil se lève à nouveau [UP].” [Quote by Le Corbusier in the exposition under the church in Firminy]

[Interpretation by reframing of a drawing in the exposition under the church in Firminy by Le Corbusier, also realised as a mural in concrete at the entrance of the Unité d’habitation at Firminy]

Le Corbusier: Firminy: rhythm & melody

[LEFT]: Rhythm: voids in upper beam/solid colums >< [RIGHT]: Melody: colored voids/solid vertical window pillars

[Composition of videostills from video ‘Le Corbusier & Lannis Xenakis – Masion de la Culture’ on Youtube.com (dd. march 2012) published by geertpsv]