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Le Corbusier: Ronchamps: light


[Interpretation of photo of interior of Villa Adriana in Tivoli, sketches by Le Corbusier of the space and a photo of the interior of the chapel in Ronchamps, by Le Corbusier, 1955 ]

Le Corbusier: Ronchamps: form


[KAIROS RIGHTUP] >< [KAIROS RIGHTDOWN]? [Influence tombs-Le Corbusier suggested by Giedion S. in Space, Time and Architecture, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1978]

[KAIROS LEFTUP] >< [KAIROS LEFTDOWN]? [Influence Le Corbusier-Mansilla+Tunon also suggested by by http://www.archdaily.com]

[Interpretation of a ‘Tomb of the Giants’ in Sardinia, exterior and interior of the chapel in Ronchamps by Le Corbusier, 1955, and façade of Auditorium in Leon by Mansilla and Tunon, 2002]

Le Corbusier: Firminy: soleil levant, couchant

“Un soleil se lève [UP:sky], un soleil se couche [DOWN:earth], un soleil se lève à nouveau [UP].” [Quote by Le Corbusier in the exposition under the church in Firminy]

[Interpretation by reframing of a drawing in the exposition under the church in Firminy by Le Corbusier, also realised as a mural in concrete at the entrance of the Unité d’habitation at Firminy]

Le Corbusier: Firminy: rhythm & melody

[LEFT]: Rhythm: voids in upper beam/solid colums >< [RIGHT]: Melody: colored voids/solid vertical window pillars

[Composition of videostills from video ‘Le Corbusier & Lannis Xenakis – Masion de la Culture’ on Youtube.com (dd. march 2012) published by geertpsv]

Le Corbusier: 5 points

[SKY]: Pilotis, façade libre, plan libre, fenêtre en longueur, toit jardin >< [EARTH]

[from ‘5 Points d’une Architecture Moderne’ of Le Corbusier, as published in L’Esprit Nouveau]

[Interpretation of sketches ‘5 Points d’une Architecture Moderne’ of Le Corbusier, as published in De Heer, De Architectonische kleur, De Polychromie in de puristische architectuur van Le Corbusier, 010, Amsterdam, 2008]