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Leonardo Da Vinci: Map of Imola

Map drawing: thinking [LEFT] >< Google Maps: sensing [RIGHT]


[reinterpretation of map of Imola, by Leonardo Da Vinci, 1502]

Leonardo Da Vinci: Self Portrait & Mona Lisa

Self Portrait of Da Vinci [LEFT] >< Mona Lisa [RIGHT]


[reinterpretation of comparison made by dr. Lillian Schwartz; Selfportrait 1510 & Mona Lisa 1507, both by Leonardo Da Vinci]

Leonardo Da Vinci: Last Supper: context & detail

rightup: when viewed from side of refectory: lines in perspective of refectory match lines in perspective of painting  [WHOLE]

><  leftup: all lines in perspective in painting point to Jesus: first symmetry

>< rightdown: second symmetry between hands of Jesus and Judas

>< leftdown: hands of Jesus and Judas simultaneously grasp bread [PART]


[reinterpretation of Il Cenacolo or L’Ultima Cena, Leonardo da Vinci, 1498]